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Sgt. Pepper, 2014, the 50th Anniversary of Beatlemania

Sgt. Pepper played to a crowd of thousands, at The Collection, July 12th,


Sgt. Pepper performed for 5,000 fans in Santa Barbara in July 2014.



Sgt. Pepper at the Collection


Sgt. Pepper performs for a crowd of about 400 at Fiesta La Ballona in Culver City, August 2012

Sgt. Pepper played at Ojai's Libbey Bowl   April 13, 2011

Sgt. Pepper at the Pacific View Mall, July 2011

Sgt. Pepper performed at the Reagan Library in Simi Valley, California in June of 2011 .


It was their second appearance, with Air Force One as the backdrop.  


In June of 2011, Sgt. Pepper played at the Dream Gardens of the Disneyland Hotel.
Photo by A to Z Musical Services


Sgt. Pepper is a major attraction at the annual Ojai Wine Festival in Ojai, California.


Bill Horn and Tom Kolb, burning down the Jester, May 2010


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