Stage, Sound, Lighting and Special Effects

     At most of Sgt. Pepper’s bookings, our clients provide stage, sound & lighting. Nevertheless, we have the ability to provide sound, lighting and special effects.

     We cannot provide a  stage, but stages are readily available from party rental companies.

      Our band members own several P.A. systems. For a small venue, we can provide the typical  speakers on stands. For larger venues and larger crowds, we can provide larger systems, including large Mackie powered subwoofers and speakers, QSC monitors, snake, and so on.

     We can mix a smaller P.A. system from the stage. Using the larger system requires us to hire a sound engineer to mix sound from off the stage, at an additional cost.

      Generally, we can provide sound, when requested, for crowds of up to 1000 – 2000 people.

     For larger venues, such as the Ojai Wine Festival (4,000 attendees), or Mammoth’s Night of Lights (8,000 attendees) or Santa Barbara’s Summer Concerts in the Park,  (5,000 attendees) a professional sound company should be hired.


      With regard to lighting, we can provide light trees, as well as coordinated ambient lights positioned on the stage. A simple lighting set up can be operated from the stage, but if the client wants a more professional lighting set up, e.g., where someone operates the lights to coordinate with the music we need to hire a lighting engineer.

Special Effects

      Finally, we have two multi-media presentations for use when the client can provide a projector and screen, such as theater gigs. One set is comprised of photographs of the Beatles and other rock stars. The other is an HD kaleidoscope movie, similar to a 1960s light show. See the photo below.

     Both shows are already loaded onto a laptop, so we would just need a projector which can accept an input from a Mac laptop, and a screen.


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